A PlateID is a unique identifier (URI) for Plate Resources and Plate Resource Types. For example, a resource of the type Post with ID 1234 is notated like plateid://Content/Post/1234. The PlateID notation for the Post resource type is plateid://Content/Post, which is a unique identifier for the type, and not the record. PlateID’s are used to find and identify Plate resources among all services inside the Plate ecosystem.

So, PlateID can be used to identify:

  • unique records of a certain unique type, with an id.

  • unique resource types, such as Post or Element.

PlateID structure

If we take the PlateID apart we can see multiple parts inside it:

  • plateid:// the URI-compatible protocol notation. Like https:// in normal URL’s.

  • Content is the group or service where the Plate resource falls in.

  • Post is the name of the resource

  • 1234 is the id of the resource (only used when PlateID is for a single resource)

Recognized PlateID’s

Plate recognizes the following PlateID’s. PlateID’s are notated as Type PlateID’s. When [id] is replaced with an actual id, the PlateID is a unique identifier for a record.

plateid://Base/Site/[id] plateid://Base/Attachment/[id] plateid://Base/AttachmentSetting/[id] plateid://Base/AttachmentFolder/[id] plateid://Base/Domain/[id] plateid://Base/ClipboardItem/[id] plateid://Base/VersionControl/[id] plateid://Base/Redirect/[id] plateid://Content/Post/[id] plateid://Content/Section/[id] plateid://Content/Row/[id] plateid://Content/Column/[id] plateid://Content/Element/[id] plateid://Content/ContentObject/[id] plateid://Content/SiteTranslation/[id] plateid://Content/AuthenticationObject/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ContentField/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ContentFieldGroup/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ContentFieldDefinition/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ContentFieldDefinitionGroup/[id] plateid://ContentModel/PostType/[id] plateid://ContentModel/SectionType/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ElementType/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ContentType/[id] plateid://ContentModel/ObjectType/[id] plateid://ContentModel/TrayType/[id] plateid://ContentModel/AuthenticationType/[id] plateid://Theming/Theme/[id] plateid://Theming/ThemeFile/[id] plateid://Theming/Prerender/[id] plateid://Auth/User/[id] plateid://Auth/ApiIntegration/[id] plateid://Organization/Company/[id] plateid://Organization/Partner/[id] plateid://Organization/FormMessage/[id] plateid://AccessControl/Policy/[id] plateid://AccessControl/Role/[id] plateid://AccessControl/Group/[id]